Definitions for "Telegram"
A message sent by telegraph; a telegraphic dispatch.
Hardcopy information, whether in written, printed, or pictorial form, sent to the general telegraph service for transmission and delivery to the addressee.
a message sent from far away
a thing that means something--at least, I've always thought so
Telegram was the German entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1977, performed in English (the first occasion on which the German entry had not featured at least some lyrics in German by Silver Convention. The song was performed sixth on the night (following Norway's Anita Skorgan with Casanova and preceding Luxembourg's Anne-Marie B. with Frère Jacques). At the close of voting, it had received 55 points, placing 8th in a field of 18.
Telegram is a remix album by Icelandic singer/songwriter/musician Björk. It is a companion piece to her previous album Post, with Björk offering the album's tracks to the artists that she admired most so they could remix them in complete freedom. The cover was shot by Japanese photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki.
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