Definitions for "Technology transfer"
The process by which the commercial sector converts scientific findings from research laboratories into useful products.
The systematic process through which skills, techniques, models and approaches emanating from research are delivered to and applied by practitioners (CSAT, 2001) Transforming what is useful into what is actually used.(CSAT, 2001)
The sharing of knowledge and facilities among federal laboratories, industry, universities, governments and third party intermediaries.
Activities that lead to the adoption of a new technique or product by users and involves dissemination, demonstration, training and other activities that lead to eventual innovation.
the transfer of technology or know-how between organisations through licensing or marketing agreements, co-development arrangements, training or the exchange of personnel
The broad set of processes covering the exchange of knowledge, money and goods amongst different stakeholders that lead to the spreading of technology for adapting to or mitigating climate change. In an attempt to use the broadest and most inclusive concept possible, the Report uses the word 'transfer' to encompass both diffusion of technologies and cooperation across and within countries.
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The communication or transmission of a technology from one country to another. This may be accomplished in a variety of ways, ranging from deliberate licensing to reverse engineering.
Exchange or sharing of knowledge, skills, processes, or technologies across different organizations.
The transmission of technology (e.g., knowledge, skills, software, hardware, etc.) from one country, organization, business, or entity to another country, organization, business, or entity.
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Supply of advanced technologies.