Definitions for "Technical assistance"
Hands-on staffing that helps a business with a variety of tasks. Can include everything from referral services, to management consulting, to help in applying for loans or other assistance.
Can be "substantive" and/or "process-oriented." It includes a wide range of activities performed by an outside person or group, professional or non-professional, that can help a collaborative meet its objectives. Technical assistance can fill knowledge gaps of individuals, organizations, or communities (short term) and/or improve competencies, i.e., individual skills, knowledge, values, attitudes, and orientation (longer term).
Money allocated from within a European Structural Fund Programme budget. The aim of technical assistance funding is to maximise the quality of programme implementation and impact, used to support administration, management, representation, publicity, policy development, capacity building and evaluation activities
Sharing expertise and customized support to meet specific needs. Sample topics include: board development, collaboration, community assessment, community planning and implementation, children-at-risk targeted case management, community partnerships for protecting children, evaluation, finance, governance, strategy development, strengthening community assets, and facilitating community meetings.
The provision of specific expertise to meet a specific need.
an exclusive service available to members only
Providing specialized skills, information and/or support to organizations and/or individuals on a one-to-one basis.