Definitions for "Teams"
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a joint-venture between Media Partners and sports agent Ricardo Silva
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a good indication of our program
a key indicator that the ACHA is more competitive than most NCAA fans would think
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Technical, Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Support. This is a new system, as of January 7, 2003, of classifying employees.
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see Juvenile Justice Teams.
Request to even up the teams, normally to balance the numbers, but sometimes to balance the skill level
A group of virtual machines that are configured to operate as one object. You can power on, power off, and suspend a team with one command. You can configure a team to communicate independently of any other virtual or real network by setting up a LAN segment. See also LAN segment, Virtual Network.
A group of teachers who share a group of students for most of the instructional day.
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Consist of 12 players with seven allowed on court at any time.
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a first for us
Two or more persons working effectively together.