Definitions for "TDS"
See Tivoli Desktop Services (TDS).
Tivoli Desktop Services. A library providing runtime convenience functions that manipulate or generate desktop commands.
Toxicity Dissolved Solids.
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Termini Del Servizio
Tierra del Sol Four Wheel Drive Club of San Diego. Club hosts a nationally know trail event (Tierra del SOl Desert Safari) in Southern California.
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otal issolved olids
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Turbo Debugger Symbol Table
Time-division subchannel.
Time Division Switching
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Tripod Data Systems
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See: Time Delay Spectrometry.
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Tax Deducted at Source
Tax Deductible at Source
Tax Deduction at Source
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Textile Design System. a CAD system used to design woven/knitted/printed fabrics.
Travel Documents Section (deals with applications for travel documentation)
Transport Documentation System
Theatrical Distribution System
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Tribal Development Society
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Tenancy Deposit Scheme
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Tactical data system
Time, Distance and Shielding. Three types of protective measures commonly associated with hazardous materials training.
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Test Data Set
Test Data Sets
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Latin term meaning 'three times a day'.