Definitions for "TDM"
Time Division Multiplex Time multiplexing
Time division multiplexing (TDM) systems offer a synchronous transmission of data over a fixed bandwidth channel. The most popular TDM transports are a T-1 (1.5 Mbps) transport and a T-3 (45 Mbps) transport. This transmission medium is ideal for traffic requiring a CBR transport, such as voice.
Time Division Multiplexing. A means of creating multiple circuits on a single transmission channel by rapidly connecting terminals one at a time in a recurring time ordered sequence.
Transportation Demand Management. Improvement of transportation system efficiency by altering transportation system demand through management of pricing, services, employment-based actions, such as staggered work hours and telecommuting, and regulations, rather than capital improvements.
Transportation Management (TDM) is a demand-based technique for reducing traffic congestion, such as ride-sharing programs and flexible work schedules enabling employees to commute to and from work outside of peak hours.
Travel Demand Management. TDM is a combination of strategies or actions whose goal is to encourage travelers to use alternatives to driving alone. TDM strategies may be developed for a single work site, specific corridor, or area. (2)
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Trastorno Depresivo Mayor
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TFT triangulation
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Tasmania Dept. of Mines
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Team Decision Making. One of the basic principles of Family–to–Family. Involving not just resource parents and caseworkers, but also birth families and community members in all placement decisions to ensure a network of support for the child and the adults who care for them.
Short for Team Deathmatch.
Turner/Demodulator (i.e., indoor Unit). often referred to as the receiver.
Task Demonstration Model. In this model trainers present many examples of both correct and incorrect items while gradually increasing their similarity thus forcing the student to make finer and finer discriminations.
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. The use of laboratory tests to measure the amount of antiretroviral drug in a person's bloodstream.
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Tea Chest Bass Technical Ground (a.k.a. technical earth ground)
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Tire Derived Material. Any rubber, steel or fabric material derived from processing tires or rubber products. These materials are found in a variety of sizes, shapes and forms.
Team Data Manager is the permanent storage area for part data. It is the only place that part data will be backed up on a regular basis. Typically referred to as the Server for a workstation or groups of workstations.