Definitions for "TDC"
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Top Dead Center. When the piston of an engine reaches the top of its stroke it is said to be at top dead center. This piston position happens to be the point at which the air/fuel mixture is most compressed. In most engines, depending on their RPM, the spark plug will fire a few degrees before the top dead center in order to start the burning process before the down or power stroke. One of the great benefits of Viscon is its ability to control the propagation of a flame emanating for a spark plug. By reducing the number of very small droplets of fuel, Viscon promotes a more even burning flame, which makes ignition before top dead center work more efficiently.
Top Dead Center -- when a piston is at the top most position during the compression stroke. TDC can also refer to the top most position of the piston in the exhaust stoke, but "true" TDC is on the compression stroke.
This mark on ALL crank pulleys refers to the compression stroke of the #1 & #3 pistons. Set it to the seam in your case, then pull off the distributor cap and note which plug wire it's pointing to. That's the piston ready to fire.
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Time to Digital Converter. These measure the time difference between a master start signal derived from the pVPD signals and stop signals from individual active detectors (41 TOFp and 6 pVPD) in the system. They provide to the CAMAC backplane digital numbers proportional to this time difference in units w/ the LSB of 50 ps. The TDCs are LeCroy 2228A 8ch CAMAC units obtained from HEEP. For the detailed manufacturer information, go to the Module Full List. Additional information is on the TOFp CAMAC Crate map page.
Time to Digital Converter (part of FEE detector electronics)
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Tabla De Contenido
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Tennessee Dept. of Conservation
Total Direct Cost. The sum of all direct costs of a project.
Total Development Cost. The sum of all eligible, necessary and reasonable construction/ rehabilitation, site acquisition, and soft costs for a project, excluding working capital and replacement and operating reserve costs.
True Downtime Cost. A method of recording and analyzing all significant cost metrics associated with equipment downtime in a building or manufacturing facility. TDC provides a way to assign time and/or monetary value to previously considered "non-tangible" cost of downtime. Also TDC includes downtime factors commonly overlook to arrive at a more true value for the cost of downtime.
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acronym for
Torpedo Data Computer. A mechanical "brain" which helps the submarine figure out the exact direction to fire the torpedo.
Target Designator Controller@–Ú•WŽwŽ¦ƒRƒ“ƒgƒ[ƒ‰[B
(Microsoft) Tabular Data Control (also known as Text Data Control). A DSO. Gets data from a text file which must be in a delimited format. Supplied with IE5.
Trading Disputes Committee
Technology Directions Committee (UCSD)
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Testarossa Door Caps. Door Caps with Testarossa style lines.