Definitions for "TCS"
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Touring Club Schweiz
Touring Clubs Schweiz
Tactical Control System
Traction Control System. It regulates power distribution to stop the wheels just spinning and wasting power when you put your foot down, which gives you extra control, safety and performance.
Telescope Control System. The system that controls the motions of the telescope.
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The Taxon Concept Schema (TCS) is a highly-structured exchange data model for nomenclatural and taxonomic data. It is developed by a TDWG subgroup. GBIF is w... [ Read more
erminal apture ystem - the process in which transactions are stored in the terminal until the batch is settled to the host. Most often used in restaurant applications where tip adjustments need to be made.
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Thermocouple switch
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Tight Coupling Structure. Two RATs are very tightly coupled with each other, the interface in between is IuR like.
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Tata Consultancy Services
Transmission Companies
(Transmission Convergence Sublayer) -This is part of the ATM physical layer that defines how cells will be transmitted by the actual physical layer.
Specification for transferring telephone calls across a Bluetooth link.
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Teaching Company Scheme
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Typed card signed.