Definitions for "tax return"
Keywords:  inland, irs, revenue, calendar, declare
A filed tax form. also called return.
A tax return is a form declaring your income to the Inland Revenue More Tax Year - The tax year, or financial year, doesn't coincide with the calendar year More
Annual return supplied by the individual to the Inland Revenue detailing all incomes, from employment, investments, benefits and perks, in addition to allowable expenses. The tax return forms the basis on which the individual's tax liability is calculated.
a clear, distinct, and unqualified admission made in writing to the United States Government under penalty of perjury
a document submitted by a taxpayer to a controlling body within a time period, specified by the legislation, on the basis of which tax, duty (mandatory payment) is charged and/or paid
a document created using financial data to intentionally (within the law) minimize the reported income of a business
a legal document