Definitions for "tax rate"
Private, for-profit employer tax rates are based on the contribution rate schedule and reserve ratio. All rate notices are mailed to each experience-rated employer by January of each year. If you use WOW to file your UI Returns, WOW automatically "looks up" your tax rate for you.
A factor derived by combining revenue requirements of various taxing agencies and districts within specific areas and expressing the combined figure in relation to the total assessed valuation of each area. Traditionally, the ratio of dollars of tax per hundred dollars of valuation.
A measure of tax liability expressed as a dollar amount for each one hundred dollars of property net assessed value (Arizona does not use ‘mills,' which are per one thousand dollars.) Arizona has both primary and secondary tax rates, applied using primary and secondary net assessed values, respectively. The two rates cannot be added together unless the primary and secondary values are the same.
The percent of income paid as tax, or the percent of the value of a good, service...
The percent of pretax income deducted for corporate income taxes (prorated for calendar years if fiscal years differ).
The annual percent of income owed in taxes.
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percentage of tax to be paid on a certain level of income. Tax rates depend on the amount of taxable income.
For taxes paid to any taxing authority, national, state, or local. This is a complex area and generally warrants advice from professional tax advisors.
The percentage assigned yearly to each employer to be applied against taxable wages paid to each employee up to the tax ceiling.
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Tax Reform Act of 1986 Tax Reform Act of 1993
Decimal rate, usually graduated, used to calculate corporate or individual taxes (17.1).
rate used to calculate tax liability
Additional savings or revenue growth when one combined enterprise is created from two or more separate parts.