Definitions for "Tax Levy"
Keywords:  repeals, levy, raise, impose, revenue
Any bill that imposes, repeals, or materially alters a state tax. The Legislative Counsel indicates in the title and Digest of the bill whether the bill is a tax levy.
The total amount of money a taxing jurisdiction needs to raise through property taxation.
The total amount to be raised by general property taxes for purposes specified in the Tax Levy Ordinance.
1. A compulsory assessment by a taxing body; 2. The seizure and sale of property by a tax agency to satisfy a claim.
Keywords:  irs, debtor, owed, commanding, written
a written document commanding a bank or other debtor to pay money owed by the taxpayer to the IRS to cover taxes due
Keywords:  procedure, collection, part
a part of the procedure used in the collection of taxes
Keywords:  requested, estate, real, amount, body
The amount in real estate taxes requested by each taxing body.