Definitions for "Tasks "
Manage multiple tasklists per project, which correlates to a directory. Shell it from your favourite IDE for easy integration, giving maximum control. Easily works for any category, development, shopping, or general todo lists.
In human centred design, a task is what a person does to complete a goal they have. For example, if their goal is to buy a book, it could be broken down into tasks such as: 1. Selecting a book, 2. Adding the book to their shopping basket. 3. Entering personal informtation. 4. Completing the transaction. Each task would have sub-tasks. Analysing transactions in this way helps to design effective interfaces.
Tasks is built on PHP and MySQL. It features a dynamic hierarchical view of your tasks, scheduling due dates, and associating URLs with and uploading and attaching files to tasks. RSS Feeds and iCalendars of your tasks are available. There is a mobile interface for use with a Web-enabled PDA or cell phone.
enable support for tasks tags in source code
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TimerTask and subclass objects.
The Tasks page organizes projects or activities (referred to as tasks) by defining task priority and tracking task status. A user can create tasks and post them to the Tasks page. Each user can post personal tasks to their page, Instructors can post tasks to users participating in their courses, and System Administrators can post tasks to all users’ Tasks pages. Task information is arranged in columns that display the priority, task name, status, and due date.
The included organizer application that lets you keep track of your to do items, allowing you to sort them by importance, organize them into specific categories, and check them off as soon as they get done. more info
Use Tasks to keep track of any work you have to do. Link Tasks to your Meetings, set start and due dates, Reminders, and Priorities.
Tasks are the GhostFill Scripting Language contained within your FillPoints. They are pre-defined instructions which GhostFill will carry out during a fill operation. A task is made up of a task name describing the instruction.
Activities broken down into specific assignments or duties.
Specific and discrete actions taken by the learner within an activity.
Specific Duties that must be accomplished which are associated with projects
The breakdown of the work in an activity into smaller elements.
Tasks are units of work which are assigned to the staff. Tasks can be classified according to the type of work being performed. Typical classifications are management, development, and support.
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The individual things an actor must do to create a truthful inner and outer character.
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The task tab on the control panel or tasks associated with an action plan (see action plan tasks above).
Knowledge areas, flight procedures, or maneuvers within an area of operation in a practical test standard.