Definitions for "task force"
An ad hoc, cross-functional team formed to resolve a major problem as quickly as possible; usually includes subject matter experts temporarily relieved of their regular duties.
a group of scientists established to carry out a number of S/T Tasks linked by a common scientific objective EFDA-JET has the following Task Forces
A group of naval ships such as a squadron, several squadrons, or a fleet with a specific military objective to accomplish.
a good idea, but the problem is how do you get buy-in from the legislature, all with their different interests and disagreements based on their hometown needs
A naval unit of military strength. Comparable in cost to its land-based and aerial counterparts.
a joint initiative of NACHA - The Electronic
a semipermanent unit created to carry out a continuing task
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a politician's way of saying, "I certainly don't want to deal with this issue
a resource for all music educators
Any combination of resources with common communications and a leader. Technical Specialists: Personnel with special skills who are activated only when needed. Technical Specialists may be needed in the areas of fire behavior, water resources, environmental concerns, resource use and training.
A small team given responsibility for a short-term assignment with specific goals.
a team comprised of law enforcement officers from the U