Definitions for "Tartan"
Keywords:  plaid, clan, scottish, highland, woolen
Woolen cloth, checkered or crossbarred with narrow bands of various colors, much worn in the Highlands of Scotland; hence, any pattern of tartan; also, other material of a similar pattern.
A wool fabric crossbarred by narrow bands of different colors (which may be complemetary or contrasting) that form what we often refer to today as a "Scottish plaid".
refers to the kinds of plaid patterns traditionally worn by Scottish highlanders . Each design was associated with a specific family or "clan". The term is generally used to today in reference to any plaid design similar to these Scottish designs.
A small coasting vessel, used in the Mediterranean, having one mast carrying large leteen sail, and a bowsprit with staysail or jib.
Keywords:  tga, pcx, opengl, textures, library
Tartan is an OpenGL texture manager library written in C/C++. It handles loading textures from file, for example from tga and pcx, and making them available to OpenGL.