Definitions for "tariff"
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A tax imposed on a product when it is imported into a country.
A scale of taxes on imports, designed to protect the domestic producer against the greed of his consumer. The Enemy of Human Souls Sat grieving at the cost of coals; For Hell had been annexed of late, And was a sovereign Southern State. "It were no more than right," said he, "That I should get my fuel free. The duty, neither just nor wise, Compels me to economize -- Whereby my broilers, every one, Are execrably underdone. What would they have? -- although I yearn To do them nicely to a turn, I can't afford an honest heat. This tariff makes even devils cheat! I'm ruined, and my humble trade All rascals may at will invade: Beneath my nose the public press Outdoes me in sulphureousness; The bar ingeniously applies To my undoing my own lies; My medicines the doctors use (Albeit vainly) to refuse To me my fair and rightful prey And keep their own in shape to pay; The preachers by example teach What, scorning to perform, I teach; And statesmen, aping me, all make More promises than they can break. Against such competition I Lift up a disregarded cry. Since all ignore my just complaint, By Hokey-Pokey! I'll turn saint!" Now, the Republicans, who all Are saints, began at once to bawl Against _his_ competition; so There was a devil of a go! They locked horns with him, tete-a-tete In acrimonious debate, Till Democrats, forlorn and lone, Had hopes of coming by their own. That evil to avert, in haste The two belligerents embraced; But since 'twere wicked to relax A tittle of the Sacred Tax, 'Twas finally agreed to grant The bold Insurgent-protestant A bounty on each soul that fell Into his ineffectual Hell. Edam Smith
A schedule, system, or scheme of duties imposed by the government of a country upon goods imported or exported; as, a revenue tariff; a protective tariff; Clay's compromise tariff. (U. S. 1833).
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Any schedule or system of rates, changes, etc.; as, a tariff of fees, or of railroad fares.
A statement by a communications company filed with the FCC that sets forth services offered, and rates, terms, and conditions for those services.
Rate of fare quoted and published by a travel industry supplier (i.e. hotels, tour operators, etc.) Usually an annual tariff is produced in booklet form for use in sales calls at trade shows.
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A new points score system for entry into higher education took effect from September 2002. Some higher education institutions will continue to express their offers in terms of grades.
A points system used to measure student achievement for entry to higher education (see UCAS Tariff System).
From 2002 entry, the UCAS Tariff replaced Main qualification in UCAS data. The UCAS Tariff establishes agreed equivalences between different types of qualifications, and reports achievement for entry to higher education in a numerical format. This allows comparisons between applicants with different types and volumes of achievement. Tariff data are only available for UK applicants. to top | students | schools & colleges | h.e. staff | statistics | news terms & conditions | contact us
Under the criminal law of England and Wales, a tariff is the minimum period that a person serving an indefinite prison sentence must serve before that person becomes eligible for parole. The Home Secretary bears responsibility for tariffs, and often considers the recommendation of the sentencing judge, and from the Lord Chief Justice. However, the Home Secretary is not bound by recommendations from the judiciary.
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Third party logistics (TPL or 3PL) Transaction Processing System (TPS)
The amount of difficulty given for each element of a routine.
A rating that measures the difficulty of specific moves and is factored into the total score after judges have scored the execution of the moves; also known as 'Degree of Difficulty [DD]'.
Numerical score given to a move/routine based on the amount of rotation, twist, shape, etc.
Tariffs show the cost of sending an item, either by FastMail or Express Courier. Tariffs are based on the weight and destination of an item.
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a lawman in an old western town
A premium rate, often established by a rating body representing the majority of insurers. Theoretically, statistics can be gleaned from a wider cross section, therefore a fair premium can be worked out. Tariffs tend only to exist in protected insurance market's rather than in areas of free competition.
The set of rules defined to price the airtime used by the subscription.
Telephone call pricing
an attractive measure because it simultaneously raises revenue and benefits local producers by burdening their out-of-state competitors
an instrument of border taxation (and of domestic protection) which is based completely on price
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The Integrated Tariff of the United Kingdom.
a labor contract between the union and the employers' association
a set of procedures a company must follow in selecting which customers it will serve or build new facilities for, etc
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Tariff is a calling plan offered to the mobile user for a certain amount a month or each call / text on pay as you go.
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The commissions on offer for a program.
Payments made by fields to other fields that provide transportation and / or processing of production.