Definitions for "Tapping"
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allowing the molten metal to flow out of the bottom of a furnace. The founder would open a small door and let the iron flow out. Iron furnaces were tapped twice a day
process of cutting screw threads in a round hole with a tap (an internal thread cutting tool).
The running off of molten steel from the tap hole in a furnace or vessel.
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the sound of light blow or knock; "he heard the tapping of the man's cane"
Fitting the tap, like spiling, consists of knocking through a seal and inserting a tap. Unless this is a gravity system the tap will then be connected to the pump ready to draw.
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A collecting procedure involving the rapping of tree trunks with a stick to drive off the cryptic moths. The moths may then be netted in flight, or captured when they alight again.
Term applied in medieval England to playing cymbala (bells) by striking with two mallets.
The use of right hand fingers on the fretboard, I recomend the middle finger, so that you don't have to put down the pick.
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Tap Tempo TCP
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One of the techniques of breaking out a score. A ball—ended glass cutter is used, though the heavy end of a regular cutter is also effective. Glass must always be tapped from the bottom.
Tapping is a playing technique generally associated with the electric guitar, although the technique may be performed on almost any string instrument.
Theory of corporate moral excellence Trait theories of leadership
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the method used to field connect a building sewer to a main line.