Definitions for "Tapped"
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Out Broke
Keywords:  rackmount, untapped, eia, rack, screw
The alternative to untapped rack rail. STAR CASE tapped rack rail is tapped to 10-32, which is the standard screw size used throughout the electronics industry for rackmount and EIA use.
Keywords:  sap, trees, drawn, latex, piercing
The process of collecting a trees sap for use in production of wine
in a condition for letting out liquid drawn out as by piercing or drawing a plug; "latex from tapped rubber trees"
Keywords:  furnace, molten, release, metal
The release of molten metal from a furnace
Keywords:  city, chips, runs, player
When a player runs out of chips they are said to be tapped. Also Tapioca or Tap City.
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Out of money.