Definitions for "Tapas"
Austerity. The third of the niyamas of raja yoga. See ashtanga yoga.
Lit., "heat." Austerity, or trouble undertaken voluntarily for a higher purpose.
Austerity. The third Niyama of the Ashtanga Yoga system. See page on the 8 limbs.
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appetizers popular in Spain, sometimes eaten as a meal
small dishes from Spanish cuisine including anything from fish, to meats, to vegetables, hot and cold
Spanish appetizers that can also form an entire meal when many are ordered together. Tapas dishes are generally quite small and can be both simple (fresh olives served with cubes of ham) or elaborate (snails in a spicy sauce). When ordering tapas, it is best to combine a number of dishes together and allow everyone in your party to sample each dish.
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The planet of renounced sages, above Svarga, Jana, and Mahar, where exalted persons such as the four Kumaras reside.
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See:] Tapoloka.