Definitions for "Tap Out"
Keywords:  pummeled, tecnico, hopelessly, lue, mat
An act of submission or "giving up" in which an opponent, hopelessly captured in a submission hold or being pummeled by strikes, taps the mat or his opponent in lue of blacking out or risking bodily harm.
To give into a submission maneuver
The usual method of submitting, the wrestler taps on the mat signifying he/she wants to quit. Tecnico - The Mexican term for face.
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Ceremony held the last Friday night of summer camp, at Camp E-Star, for Order of the Arrow, Junior Order of the Arrow, Black Buffalo, and Top Scout. Families are encouraged to camp on the ball field and attend the ceremony.
Keywords:  lose, bet, game, leave, whenever
A player having bet and lost all his money, forcing the player to leave the game.
To bet all one's chips
This happens whenever a player bets all of his or her remaining money. If only that player and one other are still playing the hand, then the remaining cards for the hand are dealt out and no more bets are placed. If more than two players are still playing the hand, then a separate pot is created to hold the bets for the players who are not 'Tapped Out'. Betting continues as normal for those other players in the new pot. When the hand is over, if the player who tapped out wins, then that player gets the first pot and the player with the second highest hand gets the second pot. If the player who tapped out does not win the hand, then the winning player get both pots. Also known as 'All In'.
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The name used by Clarus for remote shopping.
Keywords:  rhythm, beat
beat out a rhythm
To go all in.