Definitions for "Tantric"
Tantric is a post-grunge band from Louisville, Kentucky.
Tantric is the debut album from the post-grunge band of the same name. It was released in 2001 and went platinum. It reached #193 on the Billboard 200.
Keywords:  tantra, lust, transmuting, bliss, evil
Pertaining to Tantra; a follower of Tantra.
referring to Tantra yoga, which is a method of transmuting "evil," destructive or undesirable habits directly into good, God-tuned habits, such as lust into sexual energy, and energy into bliss, and bliss into pure divine love.
Of Tantra; a practitioner of Tantra.
Keywords:  tantrism, rituals, relating
of or relating to Tantrism; "tantric rituals"
a person for whom the removal of limitations is more compelling than the maintenance of any given personal reality, no matter how pleasant or beautiful it may be