Definitions for "Tantra Yoga"
A branch or path of yoga. It is the pathway of ritual designed to awaken the kundalini energy in the body. Practitioners experience the Divine in all of life's activities including the consecration of relationships and the divine nature of sexuality and use ceremonies, customs and rituals as opportunities to experience union with the greater life force.
The science of expansion; the path which leads to the liberation of the self. This refers to the spiritual science incorporating intuitional practices (meditation and concentration), leading to the attainment of spiritual fulfillment (anandam).
This yoga uses visualization, chanting, asana, and strong breathing practices to tap highly charged kundalini energy in the body. Hatha Yoga and Tantra Yoga have common roots, but while Hatha Yoga adopted an ascetic, almost existentialist, stance, Tantra Yoga chose a more sensual approach. Perhaps the most misunderstood yoga style, tantra is not about sexual indulgence. Rather, it is about discovering and stimulating sensual spirituality.