Definitions for "Talus"
Keywords:  cliff, scree, slope, steep, rubble
A slope; the inclination of the face of a work.
A sloping heap of fragments of rock lying at the foot of a precipice.
1.) Rock fragments that accumulate in a pile at the base of a ridge or cliff. 2.)a steep, concave, downward sloping formation, formed by the accumulation of coarse, angular rock debris at the base of the cliff or slope (Morris 1992).
A variety of clubfoot (Talipes calcaneus). See the Note under Talipes.
The most superior bone of the foot. It is the primary connection between the leg and the foot. It articulates with the tibia and fibular bones of the leg and the calcaneus and navicular bones of the foot. The superior surface and the sides form the top of the ankle joint; the inferior surface articulates with the calcaneus and makes up the subtalar joint.
The highest tarsal bone which forms the ankle joint by articulating with the tibia and fibula. image
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The astragalus.
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