Definitions for "Tale of Two Cities"
a classic, if not a bit archaic tale of the French Revolution and those trapped in the figurative and literal fires of the cruelty of the primal human nature that came with it
a classic love story set against the backdrop of political upheaval and revolution
a definite must-read and one of my classic favorites
Keywords:  masterpiece
a masterpiece
a sad account of man's inhumanity to man, for even though Darnay escapes, the reader is left haunted by the many innocent who did not
Keywords:  fascinating, strange, one
a strange and fascinating one
Keywords:  sykes, brutal, mildly, comical, version
a mildly more comical and less brutal version of Bill Sykes
a book that stands out amongst the greatest literary pieces of all time
a book which tends to leave a false impression behind, especially after a lapse of time
a satisfying yet frustrating book
a good piece of literature but at times is too wordy and can be hard to comprehend
a study of two major cities, Manchester and Sheffield
an excellent supplement to the history of the period
a piece of history not to be missed and certainly not forgotten
Keywords:  read, challenge, picking, worth, want
a book worth picking up at the local library if you are up to the challenge for reading it, but it is not worth the cost of buying for you are not likely to want to read it more than a single time
a great read
a must-read, too