Definitions for "takeover"
The acquisition of ownership of one company by another company, usually by purchasing a controlling percentage of its stock or by exchanging stock of the purchasing company for that of the purchased company. It is a hostile takeover if the management of the company being taken over is opposed to the deal. A hostile takeover is sometimes organized by a corporate raider.
When one company buys another. Takeovers can either be friendly, where the target company is happy to be bought, or hostile, when the approach is not welcomed.
The transfer of control of a company from one shareholder to another.
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"Takeover" is an album track recorded by Jay-Z for his 2001 hip hop album The Blueprint. The song is also a diss track aimed at rappers Nas and Prodigy of Mobb Deep.
a 2 vs. 1 combination play in which the two offensive players move toward each other and the ball is transferred from one player to the other.
Player A has the ball and allows her teammate Player B to take the ball from her (this is an effective way of deceiving an opponent)
A means of transferring possession of the ball whereby a teammate of the ball carrier runs toward and past him or her; as the teammate passes by, the ballcarrier leaves the ball for him or her to take.
When a single user has the last post in every topic of a subforum. It is much harder to get a takeover than a full house unless you are the only active user online. (Coined by RabidToaster. [10])
Occurs when the secondary node executes failover of the primary instance role to itself. Occurs only when the primary instance is unavailable and the primary instance role has not resumed normal function on a new node. See also primary instance, primary instance role, primary/secondary configuration, secondary instance, and secondary instance role.
a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force
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a prime example
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a takeover bid.
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Firing people.