Definitions for "Tailpiece"
Keywords:  guitar, violin, bridge, trap, string
A piece of ebony or other material attached to the lower end of a violin or similar instrument, to which the strings are fastened.
The string anchor at the end of a fretted instrument with a moveable bridge.
The holder to which the strings are attached at the lower end of the body of a string instrument.
Keywords:  windsor, spindles, brace, bow, chair
A tongue on the back of some Windsor chair seats, designed to hold two spindles which brace the bow.
A tongue on the back of some Windsor chair seats, designed to receive two spindles that act as a brace for the bow.
An ornament placed at the bottom of a short page to fill up the space, or at the end of a book.
Decorative element at the end of a page.
An ornament or illustration at the bottom of a page.
A piece at the end; an appendage.
appendage added to extend the length of something
A piece for transmitting motion from the hub of a lock to the latch bolt.
The connecting link attached to the end of a rim cylinder, which transmits the rotary motion of the key through the door, activating or deactivating the locking mechanism.
(n.) An actuator attached to the rear of the cylinder, parallel to the plug, typically used on rim, key-in-knob or special application cylinders. Source: Lock Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council
Keywords:  illust, timbers, header, floor, framing
One of the timbers which tail into a header, in floor framing. See Illust. of Header.
Keywords:  pulley, conveyor, roller, belt, foot
Also known as foot section pulley. The pulley or roller in the tail or foot section of a belt conveyor around which the belt runs.
The part of a telescope containing the adjusting device for the eyepiece, etc.
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