Definitions for "Tailored"
Keywords:  neat, curtains, simple, suit, line
Having simple, straight lines and a neat appearance.
severely simple in line or design; "a neat tailored suit"; "tailored curtains"
Characterized by a fitted, precise design that follows the contours of the foot
a garment that has been constructed by skilful cutting and sewing using a firm fabric such as wool suiting, the design close-fitting to the body
Garments designed to have the appearance of being custom fit and cut. Typically fitted to the body.
Keywords:  quilted, violet, african, veins, plain
Leaf type. Describes a plain African Violet leaf on which the areas between the veins are slightly raised. Also see Quilted.
Keywords:  clothing
of clothing
Keywords:  look, styled, custom
Styled to look as if custom made by a tailor.
A system is tailored if the user (or some representative) has set it up according to the preferences of the individual user.