Definitions for "TAGS"
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Tags are keywords you assign to your images and designs that help customers find your products in the Marketplace. Tags can be words that describe the iamge subject matter, theme, concept, creation method, colors, text and more.
See: HTML Tags
A generic term for a text label that controls some function within a computer language. In HTML, tags are used to format text, for example.
TAGS is a framework for web-based educational tools . This project site also includes the MMS project.
Keywords that describe the content of a web site, bookmark, photo or blog post. You can assign multiple tags to the same online resource, and different people can assign different tags to the same resource. Tag-enabled web services include social bookmarking sites (like, photo sharing sites (like Flickr) and blog tracking sites (like Technorati). Tags provide a useful way of organizing, retrieving and discovering information.
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Pnfs uses tag files (usually just called tags) in the /pnfs namespace to specify file-specific configuration information, and encp transfers this information to Enstore. Tags are associated with directories in the /pnfs namespace, not with any specific file, and thus apply to all files within a given directory.
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Broken or dung-covered wool and other wastes that are swept from the floor of shearing areas.
Heavy, manure-covered locks of wool.
See 'Meta Tags'
Tags are a set of characters appended to an item of data in order to identify or label it. Tags are used in several capacities on the Internet, including meta tags and alt tags for images. The correct use of tags is important for accessibility and search engine optimisation.
bits of coarse, felted or short fibre from areas such as the topknot and lower legs. Usually not used for yarns but may work for felting. Good compost material.
The AdaVision version of the Ada a.tags tool, which provides the capability to cross-reference Ada units and types.
The Thesaurus of Australian Government Subjects (TAGS) describes Australian Government information and services from a subject or topic perspective.
a critical element in search engine work
a critical element to proper search engine submissions
Elements within web pages that describe how the information in that web page should be structured and displayed.
Transportation Association of Greater Springfield
Any identification that is only partially affixed to the product/item. System tags: converted through roll-fed production equipment. Merchandise tags: converted through narrow web roll-fed production equipment.
radio device that transmits a signal to a receiver (radio or satellite)
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a word or a short phrase that describes an entity
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a step in the right direction