Definitions for "Tagline"
Keywords:  slogan, logo, succinct, brief, phrase
The slogan that may follow a business name; for example, Acme Window Washers: The Clear Choice for Clean Windows
A credit or slogan that identifies print and broadcast PSAs.
a brief statement that accompanies the logo in marketing materials
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Offline mail readers allow you to havea "tagline" at the end of your messages. This is often a funny saying or a quote.
Witty (usually) saying added at the end of messages by most offline readers. Sometimes they are controlled to reflect the content of the message; most are random. Political ones are usually frowned upon.
A short, one-line message appended to an echomail, local, or RelayMail message by some communications programs. Many BBS s use the tagline to list the name, location, phone number, and network address of the BBS. Many offline mail readers allow users to use taglines to say anything they like. Many users create collections of funny taglines they use to express the quirkier side of their personalities. Similar to a sig block on the Internet.
a one line sentence that describes an article in a nut shell
a one line sentence that you add to the end of your messages
a one sentence benefit statement
Keywords:  snippet, surreality
a snippet of surreality
A line of copy that summarizes the sales statement. Also another name for the positioning statement.
An identifying line of text that appears at the top or bottom of a printed page that shows the file name, page number, date, and/or time.
a) A short line added to another line to lengthen it. b) A line used to position a loading grapple. c) See " drop line".
A statement or motto that succinctly defines or represents an organization's mission.
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a terrible thing to waste
The identification of the speaker in dialogue. (For example: "She said")
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Publisher's code that identifies a specific pack usually printed on each card in the pack, consisting of letters, numbers, dates, etc.