Definitions for "tagged "
If your doll has the original manufacture tags within it's clothing, it is known to be tagged.
bearing or marked with a label or tag; "properly labeled luggage"
many manufacturers labeled their doll clothing creations the same way our clothes are tagged. Only a good eye & experience will teach you how to tell original clothing that has had the tag removed or reproduction clothing that has had a tag added. Sadly, there are examples of both situations out there.
Stamp or postal stationery which has had the postage area treated with a material sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) light, so that the cover can be mechanically oriented for cancelling. Also luminescent.
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tagged consists of MP3::Tag and tk-tag. MP3::Tag is a Perl module for reading and writing MP3-Tags . tk-tag is an application based on Perl/Tk which uses these modules to edit MP3-Tags, including an automatically update of filen
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The term tagged is derived from the practice of putting a physical tag on a device as it is turned off for servicing or locked out from network access as a safety measure. The TASE.2 term tagged is used to signal such a condition to the TASE.2 user.
A photoshop image containing an embedded profile.