Definitions for "Tag"
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Tag is a metadata editor for FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, Monkey's Audio and WavPack files.
An HTML command which instructs the browser how to display text and images on a web page.
The basic component of HTML which describes to the Web browser how to display information or instructions. the command is always surrounded by a pair of brackets .
see Technical Assistance Grants
Targeted Assistance Grant
Tactical Advisory Group.
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A metallic binding, tube, or point, at the end of a string, or lace, to stiffen it.
The end, or catchword, of an actor's speech; cue.
The coda or special ending added to an arrangement of a song. Sometimes they are sung on their own for pure pleasure
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A writer's name (moniker is his "Tag," to write graffiti is to "tag".)
A small marker usually tied to a plant, bag, or packet and used for identification and classification of samples.
(n) A writer's name and signature. (v) The execution of a signature.
Device that is attached to a materials shipment.  The tag contains logistics data about the shipment such as, ID#, quantity, material type, intended destination, etc.  It communicates with the Manual Tag Programmer and the RF Transceiver using an RF channel and a standard wireless communications protocol.
Term for a transponder commonly used by AIM. A contactless electronic device that can communicate with a reader by means of a radio frequency signal. A tag is not really a "smart card" but rather a "smart device.".
The data carrier in an RFID system that communicates with the reader. Also referred to as 'Transponder'
Any slight appendage, as to an article of dress; something slight hanging loosely; specifically, a direction card, or label.
To follow closely, as it were an appendage; -- often with after; as, to tag after a person.
In electronic filing, a TAG is a label that identifies specific information to the EDGAR system and that is designated by placing brackets on either side of the term, such as [LOGIN-PASSWORD] or [SHARES]. The end of a tag contains a "/". Thus the beginning of the shares tag would be signified by [SHARES] and the end of the shares tag would be signified by [/SHARES]. Each electronic submission must end with an "end-of-submission" tag [/SUBMISSION] or it will be suspended.
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To follow closely after; esp., to follow and touch in the game of tag. See Tag, a play.
A child's play in which one runs after and touches another, and then runs away to avoid being touched.
Name given to a non-contact version of rugby in which flag belts are worn by players and removal of flags/tags from these simulate tackles. The term is used within lesson plans to describe the action of touching another player in a warm-up game with a ball.
The name assigned to a structure, union, or enumeration type.
an indicator, such as "+" or "NI3" or "not MW," given with the enumeration of a flat to indicate that a baseword is something outside the usual: foreign, dialectal, not in the basic reference ( 11C), etc. Link to puzzle guideline article.
n. The (optional) name for a particular structure, union, or enumeration. See question 2.1.
The argument to a catch.
a game in which one child chases the others; the one who is caught becomes the next chaser
go after with the intent to catch; "The policeman chased the mugger down the alley"; "the dog chased the rabbit"
This keyword defines the distribution.tag or product "name" attribute for the destination depot (media) being created/modified by swpackage.
a keyword that describes what you've found
a keyword that you'd like to save with the event, such as "jazz" or "newyork" or "anniversary" or "mom"
One of the three tags that produces a navigation object: - for a menu sirl:dnMenu runat=server/ - for a breadcrumb trail sirl:dnBreadcrumb runat=server/ - for a sitemap sirl:dnSitemap runat=server/.
See Trailing Average Gross
Trastorno de Ansiedad Generalizada
a) [IBM] A mechanism used to identify certain attributes having some bearing on handling of character data. Some examples are character set identifier, code page identifier, language identifier, country indentifier, and encoding scheme identifier. b) Identification of objects, which can be handled independently of the object (like a price tag on a banana). The tag may contain information or only point to it (for example, if the information is very complex like a rule to sort French text). In this case the tag is an identification of information about the object (the text in French). Tags can be held in data dictionaries or in close connection to the data (for example in communications, where data blocks are preceeded by information about the data).
A unique identifier for an AdvFS file within a fileset.
An item included with a potted plant to identify the hybridizer and variety of the plant. While there are various types, the most common tag used on African Violets is a plant stake.
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A piece of paper representing an in-game intangible, to provide proof of existence or ownership. Players must carry a tag for each skill their character knows, because they must be able to prove they actually possess the skill if asked by a marshal or another player.
Tag (Brian Cruz) is a fictional character, a Puerto Rican mutant in the Marvel Universe, one of the student body in the Xavier Institute, and a member of the Hellions squad therein. He first appeared in New Mutants vol. 2 #7.
Descriptive characteristic used to make a character memorable, like those given to each of the Seven Dwarves to distinguish them: Dopey, Sneezy, Grumpy, etc.
A field in a threaded tree (see threaded tree) node used to distinguish a thread (see thread) from a child (see child) pointer.
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Techniques d'Avant-Garde, or Swiss Technial Avant Garde; the Leading Edge
typed text surrounded by less-than and greater-than symbols. An end tag is uses a slash in fromt of the tag name.
to tag a text is to annotate it with grammatical information. Usually tagging takes the form of part-of-speech annotations but semantic tags or tags encoding other linguistic information can be used. Tagging is usually performed automatically or semi-automatically.
text wrap
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One of the five basic hoof shapes listed in the eagle eye approach suggested by Scott Simpson, CJF. The Tag pattern is most common in hind feet. It is somewhat pointed at the toe, straight through the quarters, and turns sharply at the heels. The Tag hoof is widest across its rear third.
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ref pointing to a tag or commit object. In contrast to a head, a tag is not changed by a commit. Tags (not tag objects) are stored in $GIT_DIR/refs/tags/. A git tag has nothing to do with a Lisp tag (which is called object type in git's context). A tag is most typically used to mark a particular point in the commit ancestry chain.
To mark a record with definitive criteria so it can be used or avoided in the future.
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A tag is shortcut to a particular node in a subtree. Tagnames are generally short, while the full path to a particular node may require a lot of typing. Tagnames may be confusing because sometimes you need to specify the subtree, but sometimes you do not. Each tagname is associated with a particular subtree. Thus, they are not necessarily globally unique, but are unique within a subtree. This is why it is sometimes necessary to qualify the tagname with the subtree that the tag belongs to. So if you only open one subtree, then you do not need to qualify the tagname. But if multiple subtrees are open, then you must qualify the tagname. For example, if you've only opened the ELECTRONS subtree, then you can use the tag \TSTE_CORE to refer to \ELECTRONS::TOP.TS.BLESSED.CORE:TEMP. However, if other subtrees are open, then it is necessary to qualify the tagname: \ELECTRONS::TSTE_CORE.
Bylines ie: Photography by David G Donnelly
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Board grade paper used for products such as tags and file folders.
A dense, strong paper stock.
Grade of dense, strong paper used for products such as badges and file folders.
"Delimiters that also contain information. Most common type are matched tags such as ( t)42(/t), which is the number 42 tagged by the tag "t."
With the FIX protocol, a delimited message component that contains a particular purpose-not just start or stop. Example: Tag 50 in a message indicates the real trader's ID, not just the company he or she works for.
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when there is one, follows a PUNCH LINE of a joke. The purpose of a TAG is to get an additional laugh from a joke. This used to be called a KICKER.
an additional punch immediately following a punch that does not require a new setup.
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Subsets of profile data that are defined by the ICC Profile Format Specification.
The term "tag" means an identifier that highlights specific information to EDGAR that is in the format required by the the SEC's EDGAR Filer Manual.
In TIFF format, a tag is packet of numerical or ASCII values, which have a numerical "Tag" ID indicating their information content.
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Telegraphist Air Gunner
The (usually) plastic coating at the tips of sneaker laces that makes it easier to pass the laces through the eyelets. Also called an aglet or an ornament.
Something mean and paltry; the rabble.
any item designed to be "spindled" or peeled and affixed to something else, e.g., to a place card.
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Lug Solder lug
a brief quotation used for rhetorical emphasis or sententious effect; a recurrent or characteristic verbal expression.
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The Adjutant General
a word that captures the essence of your recording
A word used to identify a post or a photo or some other digital file that will help people searching for information on a particular topic.  Tags mean different things to different people, so when in doubt, ask for clarification
a word or group of words that you apply to a photo and then use for searching purposes. For example, if you apply the tag "flower" to several photos, you can search on "flower" and Yahoo! Photos will display all of the photos with the "flower" tag.
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provide with a name or nickname
For Indexing Service, one or more terms that identify an element in a query, such as weight, phrase, property, or regular expression. For example, the tag {prop name=created} specifies the Created property in a query. See also: property; query
Dataflex Query Tag Name
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Lazer Tag term If you sucessfully hit a Lazer Tag sensor you have Tagged it. When a sensor is Tagged six times the person wearing is Tagged Out. People who play Lazer Tag are sometimes refered to as Taggers (as they are people who Tag people). These Lazer Taggers terms are not often used at VE Live Action Role Playing Games.
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A clause consisting of a pronoun and an auxiliary, which is added to a reply. It is also used after a question. E.g. Do you like it? Yes, I do. She is happy, isn't she
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supply (blank verse or prose) with rhymes
a) One of a set of surrogate analytes which are used in a decoding process; b) pendant function which allows a molecule to be selected from a mixture.
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This generally refers to the tagging of a pub. A FXP group uses a directory structure to claim it as their own. A general rule is that if a tag is 2 weeks old and not in use it has been abandoned.
Provide metadata for a file. MetaTagger can partly automate this process by suggesting values for the metadata fields
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See SDML Tag.
See page tag.
a very strong stock that comes in a variety of categories such as jute, rope and sulphate tags.
An extremely strong stock in a variety of categories.
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Tree Adjoining Grammar
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An icon to the right of an Object in the Object Manager. A tag adds properties to that Object, such as smoothing, render-or-not. An Xpresso tag looks like this
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arrest warrant
The sponsor's identification, and in some cases, contact information.
Any identification which is only partly fixed to the item.
Identification information, including a number plus other information.
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dirt and manure on the hide of an animal.
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Tabular and Graphic (system)
a symbolic name, a synonym or alias for a particular revision number in a file
A symbolic name given to a set of files at a specific time of development.
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TAG memory acts as an index for the information stored in L2 cache. It is usually composed of SRAM.
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to get a single, minor hit on a beast and thus gain some of the experience
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TAG is a DOS-based bulletin board system (BBS) software program, released from 1986 to 2000.
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The hand slap between two workers that allows them to switch over in a tag match.
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The short, thick tail on an artificial fly, generally made out of silk or colored filaments of nylon.
A visual indication, typically at the master station, to indicate a special condition associated with a device (e.g., unavailable for control).
On clothes, tags usually indicate the brand, size of the garment, fabrics used, ...
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See: attribute value tag
A synonym for attribute. See attribute.
An XML element having one of the two characteristic formats (the {} names/contents represent some normalized string): {tag_name} {attribute_name}="{attribute_contents}" .... ...{tag_contents}... /{tag_name} or {tag_name} {attribute_name}="{attribute_contents}" .... / Thus, the contents of the tag are contained either within the tag's attribute or between the .. and /.. pairs.
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A radio transmitter.
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The subset of the CPU address bits used to compare the tag bits of the cache directory to the main memory address being accessed.
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A sheep of the first year.
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To join; to fasten; to attach.
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a small piece of cloth or paper
copy tag, or on-camera tag…often a PS to an item, e.g., “That piece first aired in January.
Telecommunication Access Gateway
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Trim wrap. Can be narrow or wide, but is generally narrower than any main wrap it is used in conjunction with.
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Claiming price.
The price for which a horse can be claimed, or purchased, in a claiming race.
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To fit with, or as with, a tag or tags.
A member of a set that may be partially ordered or totally ordered that is used to denote ordering relationships between events.
The set of information that is extracted from each data record. A tag represents a single phone call within the billing flow at a single instance in time.
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Another term for license plate.
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Track Access Grant
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Track Access Agreement