Definitions for "Tactic"
a way to lose (contrast with Strategy)
A specific method, step or action item employed to cause movement of a component part of a strategy. In general, strategy is defined as "what" must be done whereas tactics are defined as "how" to do it. (See also strategy.)
a behavior initiated by a negotiator designed to implement or operationalize a strategy.
Of or pertaining to military or naval tactics; hence, pertaining to, or characterized by, planning or maneuvering for the short term; -- contrasted with strategic, planning for the long term.
a plan for attaining a particular goal
a maneuver intended to secure an advantage over the enemy
a function from a "score" function to a decision about how many dice to re-roll
a function that uses a certain criterion when generating a proposal value
A design decision that is influential in the control of a quality attribute response. Tactics tell you what to do in order to affect a quality attribute response measure. Unlike sensitivity points, tactics are independent of any specific system.
(of content): the tactic of the content is a component that regulates the linear disposition of semantic units.
a program describing an inference by composing primitive inferences
a marketing effort such as a sales call, a trade show, a newspaper ad, a meeting with a new client, etc
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a direct mail
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an ad that you might place
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See Tactics.