Definitions for "TABS"
An expression that comes from “tableaux” curtains, drawn back and up to reveal a scene. Nowadays tabs describe various curtains hung on stage. In theatres that routinely have curtains that hides the stage when the performance is not in progress, these are called the “house tabs.
Curtains. The curtains which close across the proscenium arch (qv) are called "House Tabs".
Originally "tableaux curtains" which drew outwards and upwards, but now generally applied to any stage curtains including a vertically flying front curtain (house tabs) and especially a pair of horizontally moving curtains which overlap at the centre and move outwards from that centre.
The system displays information through a series of tabs that contain channel. When a user clicks a tab, its channels become visible and it is considered the active tab. Think of tabs as pages of content that house channels.
Located at the top of panels, clicking on them allows you to navigate quickly to different panels within a panel group.
Some areas of Point2 Exchange use a tab system as a user interface. It is very similar to the tab system in a file folder: the description of what is in the tab appears as a label on the tab. If you click on a tab, the contents of that tab's "folder" will be displayed.
These delineate projects in the Canvas, Timeline, Browser, and functions within the Viewer. Click a tab to open the project or go to the specified function window, such as Video, Audio, Filters, or Motion. Tabs can also be dragged out of the main window to create a separate window.
Vertical list windows to the left of AW screen: Worlds, Contacts, Help, Telegrams, Teleports
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The TABS-MD Modeling System is comprised of five main programs: GFGEN RMA2 RMA4 RMA10 SED2D
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see biocide
Projections incorporated into a mold which ensure proper registration of the mold when it is closed. Tabs can either be between the elastomeric parts of a mold ( inner tabs) or between the elastomer and the plaster jacket (outer tabs).
Useful for indenting paragraphs and for positioning text. The position of the tab is indicated on the ruler at the top of your word processor page.
A self-adhesive seal used to close an open end, top, bottom or side of a self-mailer. All self-mailers require tabbing in order to be automation compatible and to receive a discount on postage.
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A cold connection in which fingers or strips of metal are bent over an element to secure it in place.
Un-etched substrate portions which tie the parts together.
Tracking and Billing System
See: Tax anticipation bill
Telephone Agency Billing System.
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TANs Tax and loan account