Definitions for "Tableau"
A striking and vivid representation; a picture.
A representation of some scene by means of persons grouped in the proper manner, placed in appropriate postures, and remaining silent and motionless.
An instructional strategy in which a still picture representing concretized thought is physically created by the participants in a dance or a dramatic work. A tableau can be performed in conjunction with a freeze activity, or it may be planned and rehearsed for a given purpose.
The arrangement, or layout, of cards.
In solitaire, the layout of cards on the playing surface, not including the foundations.
A type of pile. Tableau piles are used to move cards back and forth while looking for opportunities to transfer cards to the foundations.
(pl. tableaux detached coefficient form of a system of equations, which can change from x+Ay=b to x'+A'y'=b'. The primes denote changes caused by multiplying the first equation system by the basis inverse (a sequence of pivots in the simplex method). Although the exact form varies (e.g., where to put b), the following is fairly standard: | ========== Nonbasic Variables ========== Basic Basic | at lower at upper | Variables Level | bound bound | superbasic ============================================================= name x_B | coefficients are negatives of the (or index) | rates of substitution ============================================================= obj -z | reduced costs | Lagrange multiplier ============================================================= (Other information could be appended, such as the original bound values.)
a finite tree to whose nodes are associated sets of formulae
a finite tree whose nodes are labelled by sets
a labeled tree where each node consists of a
a great way to get your students excited about literature
a group of people attractively arranged (as if in a painting)
a performance or re-inactment of a painting
a matrix (whose elements are in L) in which the columns correspond to the attributes of the universe in a fixed order
a three-dimensional, constructed structure or environment into which we cannot enter.
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The playing field, where the main action occurs. Usually allows building.