Definitions for "Table of contents"
A region near the centre of a compact disc containing the total number of tracks, the starting location of each track, and the extent of the data area on the disc.
Lists number of CD tracks, their starting locations, total length of data on the disc, and identification of type of disc. The TOC is placed in Q-subcode in the lead-in area of a CD disc.
The page of a report that lists the major sections or headings in your report and the page on which each section begins.
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a great excuse to use section tags, along with regular URLs, to access parts of remote documents
a necessary component E-Portfolio to guide
an important tool in organizing the various sections of your portfolio
An area of static data in a fragment that contains a pointer to each routine or data item that is imported from some other fragment, as well as pointers to the fragment's own static data.
an important part of a long document
a field, not ordinary text
a type of abstraction of a text
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a form of outline
Keywords:  logical, class, way, project, set
a logical way to set up a class or project
Keywords:  medium, description, stored, data
a description of the data stored on a medium
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see Site map