Definitions for "Syzygy "
The point of an orbit, as of the moon or a planet, at which it is in conjunction or opposition; -- commonly used in the plural.
From the Latin, yoked together; refers to points at which a planet conjuncts or opposes the Sun; usually used in reference to those Sun/Moon conjunctions and oppositions that are eclipse events.
An alignment of three celestial bodies. Sometimes applied more specifically to an alignment of the sun, earth, and moon.
Any one of the segments of an arm of a crinoid composed of two joints so closely united that the line of union is obliterated on the outer, though visible on the inner, side.
The immovable union of two joints of a crinoidal arm.
Two zones in relation of zygonovic complementarity (mutually summing to nine), and feeding a Current. One of the five syzygetic demons of Lemurian sorcery.
a link between two words of two or more consecutive letters
"Syzygy" is the thirteenth episode of the third season of The X-Files. Agents Mulder and Scully visit a small town to investigate a series of bizarre deaths, mainly among high school teenagers. Evidence points to a Satanic cult.
The Syzygy software project is designed to run a wide range of VR applications on a PC cluster with equal or greater performance than an SGI Onyx, the traditional platform for high-end VR. It includes tools needed for efficiently managing and developing cluster applications, and enables users to run cluster applications over machines with different underlying architectures.
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The coupling together of different feet; as, in Greek verse, an iambic syzygy.
The intimately united and apparently fused condition of certain low organisms during conjugation.
a divine active-passive, male-female pair, complementary to one another as opposed to being opposites