Definitions for "Systems"
a Business Performance Management consulting firm based in
a company that specializes in application infrastructure software
a dedicated local company that understands how to design and deliver a secure, reliable network infrastructure
a boutique technology solutions firm that specializes in Identity and Access Management
a boutique technology solutions firm that specializes in the
a fast growing leader in the professional and technical contract and permanent staffing industry
are sets of interacting elements organized in relation to a goal. Systems theory gives a view of how complex networks work, often using analysis of mow natural or eco-systems work. At work, quality systems are set up to provide the required goals as efficiently as possible.
Groups of interrelated components designed to collectively achieve a desired goal or goals.
The organization of functionally interactive units for the achievement of a common goal. All systems have inputs, outputs, and feedback, and maintain a basic level of equilibrium.
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In Nebraska, six multi-county, multi-type non-profit organizations which plan, develop, and coordinate cooperative programs and services for the benefit of libraries and media centers and Nebraska residents. The six systems are governed by elected boards of directors and receive state and federal funding to carry out their programs.
a "Factory Authorized Service Center" for most products used in the professional sound
a full-service computer company providing quality computers, peripherals, parts and services to the corporate, reseller, institutional, educational, government and retail markets
a global defense and aerospace company, with interests also in civilian avionics and engineering
a member of the European-based Siebtechnik/TEMA group of companies
a partner in teaming agreements with numerous other defense companies around the world
integrators: Engineering firms who will install video equipment, as well as sophisticated audio systems, for customers. Such video equipment is often installed in specialized cabinets to match the decor or physical requirements of the room. (For audio, see Special assembly room sound systems.) :: X Y Z : Home : Guide TOC
a private contractor that manufactures the radiation portal monitors that DOE installs at foreign ports and also provides technical support to DOE on the equipment
In the world of MPEG compression, systems refers to a movie file containing interleaved MPEG audio and MPEG video. Systems is short for the technical compression term systems bitstream.
a quality provider of custom built awnings, canopies, breezeway panels, avenue banners, and other canvas related products
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Stratego Unit
a leading distributor of electronic content in Asia for the systematic and efficient management of the trade and sale of digital copyright protected content and eBooks
a leading provider of IT recruitment services in the US, the UK and the Netherlands
a world leading producer of automatic self-cleaning salt water chlorinators for swimming pools
Using trends for the past that you are consistent with to predict future outcomes.
complete, predictable cycles, structures, or processes occurring in natural phenomena; may also be an artificial construction created to represent or explain a natural occurrence; system boundaries and interrelationships of subsystems exist; input to and outputs from.
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a Yamaha EMX Powered Mixing Desk
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(retired term; superseded by ITD)
Either refers to SRG conglomerate, or the Networks and Operating Systems group.
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a privately held corporation based in Ithaca, New York
a relatively new topic
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a cornerstone sponsor of the event
Identify all factors important to a process or issue with the purpose of understanding the correlations of the factors and their interdependent relationships, "pushing all parts simultaneously." This is compared to a linear approach where factors are considered one at a time, trying to find the one things which is the controlling factor.
a Preferred Member of TopEchelon Network, www
Computers, either standalone or networked to other computers.
See "Computer System"
a joint venture between D-Link India and Gigabyte Technology
Systems tied to particular functions or activities: accounting system, payroll system, tax processing system, budget formulation system, etc.
a detection step in which a substrate is introduced, and the bound enzyme (indicating the presence of analyte), converts that substrate to a detectable product
a necessity for effective energy management
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a division of Media Matters, LLC
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a key player in current Squid developments, being the home of one of the core Squid developers
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groups of related things or parts that work together as a whole.
An organized group of related objects or components that form a whole.
a suit cooling system with minimal or no use of consumables
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an EO/AA Employer
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a direct extension of that work