Definitions for "System 7"
system software: Apple completely rewrote the operating system in 1990. System 7 has many improvements over previous systems. Among them is the ability to have as many programs running side by side - not yet true multi-tasking - as RAM will allow, and 32-bit addressing which allows access to far more RAM than the previous limit of 8 megabyte. The System Folder was organized and improved greatly: Fonts are installed by dragging them into the Fonts Folder under System 7.1. DA's live in the Apple Menu Items folder, where you can put aliases of the icons of your applications too. INITS, now called Extensions, live in their own folder inside the System Folder. System 7 supports Bubble Help, TrueType fonts, Apple Events and Inter-Application Communication. Most older applications run fine under System 7, but some have had conflicts and had to be rewritten for deep technical reasons.
The operating system on the Macintosh which replaced system 6, adding many new features and functionality. The current version of this is System 7.1.
An operating system for Apple Macintosh computers.
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System 7 is a British ambient dance band.
System 7 is the first studio album by dance/ambient band System 7.