Definitions for "Synoptic"
One of the first three Gospels of the New Testament. See Synoptist.
an adjective derived from synopsesthai, a Greek word meaning, "to view together, or at the same time"; specifically, the adjective refers to the first three gospels of the New Testament.
An adjective derived from the noun 'synopsis', a brief or condensed statement presenting a combined or general view of something. Thus a synoptic chart shows the weather conditions over a large area at a given instant of time.
Affording a general view of the whole, or of the principal parts of a thing; as, a synoptic table; a synoptical statement of an argument.
presenting a summary or general view of a whole; "a synoptic presentation of a physical theory"
Presenting a summary of the principal parts or a general view of the whole.
Observing different objects, or different aspects of one object, at the same time.