Definitions for "Synesthesia"
the process in which an individual experiences sensations in one sensory modality that are characteristic of another. (224)
Automatic link from one sense to another. Illustrated in apparently illogical 'sensory predicates' in expressions as 'I'll see how I feel about it'
The spontaneous association of a sensation being activated by external stimuli with another sensation of a different kind. For example, hearing a sound in association with the visual perception of a color, or smelling an odor in association with the tactile perception of a texture. See text, Chapter 7. See also, " hallucination," "hypnogogia" and "Perky effect."
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Synesthesia is the fifth full length album by Buck 65. It was originally released in 2001 on Endemik Records and then re-released with additional songs and music on Warner in 2002.
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a condition of birth about which the person has no choice