Definitions for "Synchronization"
chronobiological term used to indicate that two or more rhythms recur with the same phase relationship. In an EEG tracing, the term is used to indicate an increased amplitude with an occasional decreased frequency of the dominant activities.
Synchronization is the alignment of transmitting and receiving circuits. The video and data signals are happening together in time and in unison.
To run two or more recording or playback devices so that all transport operations on each machine function at the same time and in perfect unison.
the process by which the desktop computer and the handheld exchange and update information.
A means of ensuring that replicas of a Directory partition contain the same information as other replicas of that partition. Replica synchronization updates the replicas and runs periodically at a cycle controlled by the network supervisor. Replica
Method by which a handheld computer communicates with a computer to exchange, share, and backup data via a serial port, USB connection, wireless connection, or infrared. Old data on one device is replaced with new data from the other. It is also called HotSync or Sync.
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The act of bringing two or more processes to known points in their execution at the same clock time. There are many ways to manage synchronization. The most basic mechanisms are mutexes, condition variables, read/write mutexes, and semaphores.
The method of ensuring that the receiving end can recognize characters in order in which the transmitting end sends them in a serial data transmission is called synchronization. Without synchronization, the receiving end would perceive data simply as a series of binary digits with no relation to one another.
Process of adjusting a receiving terminal or switch clock to match the transmitting system's master clock.
The act of causing to coincide with an action. Under Std 1547, the synchronization of a Distributed Resource operating in conjunction with the EPS is not permitted to cause fluctuation of voltage at the point of common coupling greater than plus or minus 5 percent of the voltage level of the EPS and must meet the IEEE flicker requirements.
The action of forcing certain points in the execution sequences of two or more asynchronous procedures to coincide in time.
A picture record and a sound record are said to be "in sync" when they are placed relative to each other on a release print so that when they are projected the action will coincide precisely with the accompanying sound. See LIP SYNC.
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Aligning tasks in the correct order to ensure the proper sequencing of activities.
The process within a spread spectrum radio of maintaining alignment between the local PN sequence and the received PN sequence. Synchronization is broken down into two steps: initial acquisition followed by tracking.
is a process which ensures that the formation of frames in a multi surveillance camera system start at the same time. There are different ways to achieve surveillance camera synchronization. Telephoto lens: is a type of lens used to view far away objects. It has a magnification ratio 1.
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Establishment of common timing between sender and receiver.
A management practice used to cause the ewes to cycle at the same time.
Any treatment, hormonal or managerial, that causes a large percentage of females to come in estrus at the same time. Treating gilts with progesterone or synthetic progesterone compounds has been effective in preventing estrus. These females then come in estrus at about the same time after hormone treatment ceases. Moving gilts out of confinement, followed by exposure to a boar, also results in synchronization of estrus in some gilts that are near puberty.
The act of synchronizing; concurrence of events in respect to time.
A way to keep two threads from accessing the same critical region simultaneously. You can synchronize programs using compiler directives, thread library calls, or assembly-language instructions. You do so, however, at the cost of additional overhead; synchronization may cause at least one processor to wait for another.
A timing constraint on concurrent actions, causing some theads to wait until the current thread is finished when shared data is written to by a single thread at a time.
coordinating by causing to indicate the same time; "the synchronization of their watches was an important preliminary"
is the coordination of timing between audio and/or video devices.
Situation in which two or more processes coordinate their activities based on a condition.
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Sound and picture recorded at the same time.
Way to allow two or more entities to be in phase.
Electronic pluses that are inserted into the video signal in order to assemble the picture correctly.
See directory synchronization [ ] and incremental change synchronization [ ] .
Mirroring data between separate servers so that each server contains the same information; typically used as part of a disaster recovery solution.
Synchronization can occur between the regional cluster and local clusters, the CCM and other protocol servers, failover servers, HA DNS servers, and routers.
Refers to the procedure by which different devices can operate at the same precise timing.
setting all timing devices so that they are counting time in concert, that is: they are counting and displaying the same values at the same moment. When timing devices are not in synchronization (to each other), the amount by which the differ is referred to as synchronization offset. When timing devices have been synchronized, by are running further and further apart, they are said to exhibit drift, as in drifting apart.
The running of two devices (such as two tape decks) in time with one another.
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A network function that keeps transmission interfaces and customer premise equipment in step with one another to prevent the loss of the signal. Channel Synchronization is created by the CSU/DSU at each end of the circuit. Network Synchronization is created by digital communications links within the service provider's network.
A series of measures that allow an outfit, such as a TV station or a production studio to synchronize all sources so that all frames start at the same instant.
Precision in singing which includes attacks and releases of words, uniformity of word sounds and rhythmic exactness.
the ability to focus resources and activities in time and space to produce maximum relative combat power at the decisive point.
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a relationship that represents temporal rather than textual correspondence
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The process of achieving a common interpretation of a transmitted bit stream between more than one entity at the same point in the bit stream. Synchronization may be required at each layer of a protocol stack.
Automated data transfer.
The process of matching data sets with one another.
This is the process of transferring your data between a contact manager and your sync destination.
The concept that all supply chain functions are integrated and interact in real time; when changes are made to one area, the effect is automatically reflected throughout the supply chain.
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An initial volume copy. This is a track image copy of each primary track on the volume to the secondary volume.
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the relation that exists when things occur at the same time; "the drug produces an increased synchrony of the brain waves"
An operation that keeps distributed databases in agreement.
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