Definitions for "Sync"
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Short for synchronization. When audio is in unison synchronized with the picture, they are said to be in sync.
Sync tells the screen that the next picture is coming. H sync stands for time shift, v sync is responsible for picture shift.
pulse with leading edge marking the start of Horizontal Blanking Interval. Sometimes incorrectly called ' Horizontal Sync'.
The ability to share information (i.e., calendar, contact or email) between your wireless device and desktop and other applications. Not available in all markets.
short for hotsync.
To exchange and update information between a Palm device and a desktop computer, so that the information is the same in both places. You also synchronize to transfer applications or content you have purchased and downloaded to a device. Synchronization uses HotSync® technology built in to Palm OS®. tap To touch the screen with a stylus to make something happen on the device. Tasks application
To copy a file revision (or set of file revisions) from the depot to a client workspace. This is accomplished with the p4 sync command.
The command that copies files from the depot to your workspace. (Short for "synchronize.")
Proper shutter-speed setting which synchronises simultaneously the opening of the camera shutter and discharge of electronic flash.
The sync connection in a flash system connects to the camera body, either to a PC connector or through the hot shoe. This circuit is used by the camera to fire the flash at the precise moment that the shutter has fully opened and before it begins to close to successfully capture the full light burst from a flash set-up.
an electrical wire that links a flash unit to a camera' shutter release mechanism.
Short for synchronization, the fine art of hitting the effect keys on a laser control console so that the audience of a rave or disco "sees" as well as hears the music. The opposite of spaz and flail, if done properly. To use the terms together, laserist Steven Roberts gives this example: "The stupidabeams did the same boring spaz and flail all night, and the lighting op never bothered to even try to beat sync."
To transfer and match music or photos on your PC to your iPod.
a tag that tells OpenEx when data is ready to be downloaded. May be connected to a FlipFlop for handshaking stores or an index value that indicates the position of the buffer and tells OpenEx how many points are to be downloaded to the tank or if any points at all require downloading. The parameter tag associated with a Sync is identified by an s prefix.
Unix operating system, which commits to disk all data in the kernel filesystem buffers, i.e. data which has been scheduled for writing via low-level I/O system calls. Note that higher-level I/O layers such as stdio may maintain separate buffers of their own.
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abrv. "Synchronisation"
1) The circuits in a multitrack tape recorder which allow the record head to be used as a playback head for those tracks already recorded. 2) The running of two devices (such as two tape decks) in time with one another.
( synchronization) The locking of relative transport or playback speeds of... ( more)
Synchronization. Two devices are said to be in sync when they are locked together with respect to time, so that the events generated by each of them will always fall into predicable time relationships.
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At power on synchronizes QAF with the current level of CHA and CHB.
Sync or Syn as he is sometimes called is a notable street artist operating out of Melbourne Australia.
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Shorthand for synchronizing or the act of synchronization.
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This is the act of updating one set of data based on another similar set with some updates made to it. Synchronization can go one way or two ways and follows a set of rules defined by the synchronization procedure. Synchronization is often used to update data such as address book data on PDAs, or to update data on a computer after updates were made to a copy of the data on a PDA.
sync update the super block; force changed blocks to the disk
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line—A rock fold shaped like a U that is closed at the bottom and open at the top. The youngest rock is at the center of a syncline.
Unique bit pattern appended to and preceding information that establishes a reference point for decoding of that subsequent information.
In a printing dialog extension, a procedure that maintains the correspondence between the current user interface settings and their recorded values in a job ticket.
A procedure that coordinates the control with the actual position of the axes by moving each axis to its home position. It is necessary to do this when first starting the machine tool.
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make synchronous and adjust in time or manner; "Let's synchronize our efforts"
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sync track
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See Synchronous Transmission.
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A contraction of "synchronous" or "synchronize".
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See also synchronization. This term generally means to start the synchronization process.
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Term meaning the same as "synchronous" or "synchronize".
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see synchronize
Synchronized - Synchronization