Definitions for "Symptoms"
visible reaction of the host plant to infection, disease, or other pest attack.
Abnormal, usually unpleasant, sensations or changes in the body that indicate a disease process or other medical problem.
The outward appearance of a plant, which is attacked by a disease or insect.
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symptoms - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
from incompatible neurotic needs. Curing the symptom--when there is one--doesn't rearrange the underlying personality dynamics.
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Any abnormality that is experienced by an individual. An example is chest tightness that is felt when asthma is not well-controlled.
As opposed to a sign, a symptom is a change that someone can feel, but that your doctor cannot see. For example, a headache is a symptom.
Changes that you feel, but may not be visible to others.