Definitions for "Symptom"
Any affection which accompanies disease; a perceptible change in the body or its functions, which indicates disease, or the kind or phases of disease; as, the causes of disease often lie beyond our sight, but we learn their nature by the symptoms exhibited.
A sign or token; that which indicates the existence of something else; as, corruption in elections is a symptom of the decay of public virtue.
indication of body's internal reaction to infection
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a condition of your body that is not normal, and may be a signal that something is wrong
an abnormal experience, such as pain or stiffness, that a person may describe to someone else (including their doctor)
a signal that something is wrong with your body
A plant's visible reaction to the presence of a biotic or abiotic causal agent.
a visible response of a host plant to a pathogenic organism.
A warning signal sent from the tissues, organs and muscles to the brain that damage has occurred, and still may be occurring. Common symptoms are pain, tingling, and numbness, although, many subluxations occur without any noticeable symptoms.
The specific experience of the effects of tension.
a label of your subjective experience
a subjective sense or feeling of being unwell
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a printout like the one following in the
a signal, which directs our awareness, interest and energy to itself and in the process upsets the usual smooth flow of things
a compromise between the demands of the real world and the internal world of good and bad objects
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a change in the body that you see or feel
a message from the body to alert the person that all is not well
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a problem that you know about and usually want to go away
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an immune response
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