Definitions for "Symposium"
A drinking together; a merry feast.
A collection of short essays by different authors on a common topic; -- so called from the appellation given to the philosophical dialogue by the Greeks.
a conference at which a certain subject is discussed
a collection of day-long plenary sessions designed to educate participants on various diversity curriculums available to educators and community leaders
a didactic session
a focused session in which participants present papers with a common theme, issue, or question
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(see-POH-see-ohm) Latin: banquet; learned gathering
an opportunity for the ECP/GR to review what has happened since Leipzig especially with regard to practical actions and informal sector relations
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a lot like a summit like John Kerry has been recommending
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Symposium were a punk pop band from England. They were active in the mid to late 1990s.
The name for the CentraOne product in earlier versions.
a thematic, integrated, and interactive engagement between a panel of presenters and the audience
a group of articles by different authors that address an issue from various perspectives
an annual event in Washington focusing on current federal tax issues
an element of information activity lasting for several months addressed to medical doctors and nurses and preceding launch of the new product on the American market
a way to provide this information on what can be done now to reduce the incidence of fatigue related accidents
A series of speakers and outside programs planned by an Upper School committee for Upper School students.