Definitions for "Sympathetic"
Inclined to sympathy; sympathizing.
Produced by, or expressive of, sympathy.
Produced by sympathy; -- applied particularly to symptoms or affections. See Sympathy.
Of or relating to the sympathetic nervous system or some of its branches; produced by stimulation on the sympathetic nervious system or some part of it; as, the sympathetic saliva, a modified form of saliva, produced from some of the salivary glands by stimulation of a sympathetic nerve fiber.
Part of the involuntary nervous system, the other part is called the parasympathetic and together these are considered to be the autonomous nervous system.
A branch of the autonomic nervous system. This system stimulates the body in times of stress and crisis by increasing heart rate, dilating airways to allow for more oxygen, increasing blood pressure, inhibiting digestion, and stimulating the production of adrenaline during a crisis.
(of characters in literature or drama) evoking empathic or sympathetic feelings; "the sympathetic characters in the play"
having similar disposition and tastes; "a compatible married couple"; "with their many similar tastes, he found her a most sympathetic companion"
relating to vibrations that occur as a result of vibrations in a nearby body; "sympathetic vibration"