Definitions for "Symbology"
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A machine-readable pattern makeup of a quiet zone, finder pattern, symbol characters (which include special functions and error detection and/or correction characters) required by a particular symbology.
This pair of text characters contained in an REP file indicate the formatting to be applied to this particular track/fix/annotation, although they can be over-ridden once the data is open in Debrief.
a bar code language
The study, use or interpretation of symbols or symbolism
The word “symbology” appears in several English dictionaries.
Symbology/Runology is the English version name for Heraldry, a fictional type of magic in the Play Station 2 game Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. It is the study and use of tattooed symbols on the body of the user. These symbols are used as magical amplifiers to cast spells.
The art of expressing by symbols.
In this context, symbology means the art of expression by symbols. The Christian Church is particularly rich in the use of a symbol to represent something else that may even be abstract. The cross, in various shapes, is the most common symbol of Christianity. Return to Theme
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The form of the symbols used on a map, or in a GIS to represent various objects in the landscape.
the criteria used to determine symbols for the features in a layer. A characteristic of a feature may influence the size, color, and shape of the symbol used.