Definitions for "Syllabus"
The headnote of a reported case; the brief statement of the points of law determined prefixed to a reported case. The opinion controls the syllabus, the latter being merely explanatory of the former.
An outline of an academic class often including course objectives and goals, list of assignments, description of assignments, due dates, meeting schedule, expectations, and professor contact information.
a summary paragraph usually prepared by the court preceding the body of a reported case which in some jurisdictions is the black-letter law of the jurisdiction
A syllabus in the content of a language program and how it is organized. This can be contrasted to a method, which is how a language program is taught. Structural syllabuses and functional syllabuses are two different ways of organizing language material.
a document that provides a curriculum framework, and which a school uses in its preparation of a work program for a Board subject
a document which describes the content to be taught in a given subject at a given grade level. A syllabus comes from the curriculum, and contains topics, objectives, competencies, and a description of assessment.
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a contract that you make with your students
an added bonus for his students, imho
a vital tool for communicating expectations between students and faulty
A compendium containing the heads of a discourse, and the like; an abstract.
a comprehensive program in financial management skills
a comprehensive programme in financial management skills
a document of administrative convenience (hence III, ii above) and will only partly be justified on theoretical grounds
a living document
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a map and a motivator
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a different creature entirely
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a mix of practical and strategic subjects designed to give you a cutting edge in financial management
a sheet of paper the teacher presents to you at the beginning of the year