Definitions for "switching"
Moving money from one mutual fund to another, either within a fund family or between fund families.
The movement of assets from one fund to another. Also know as "exchanging." An investor will switch mutual funds when their investment objectives change or because of market conditions. This is usually done within a family of funds, but can be done between different fund families. There usually is no charge for a certain number of transactions per year, after which a transaction fee may apply.
The transfer of money from one investment option to another.
The process of interconnecting two devices on a network using shared resources. Two common approaches are circuit switching and packet switching.
Changing the connections on different boards within a PC platform both during and between phone calls.
the process of connecting a phone call by connecting lines, or logical channels to each other to form a complete end-to-end connection.
the means by which an individual already lawfully in the UK can change their immigration category without having to leave the UK.
Of a predator, the tendency to switch between prey categories according to their relative abundance in the environment.
This term is used when people in the UK with one type of leave wish to change to a different type. For example, a person here with a work permit may get married and wish to switch to be in the UK as a spouse. The Immigration Rules set out who is allowed to switch, and into which categories. When switching is prohibited then, except in very exceptional circumstances, it will be necessary to leave the country and obtain a new entry clearance.
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Sometimes called swishing. A long cane attached to a handle which is held by both hands and is used to remove dew and earthworm casts on fine turf areas.
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See Countertrade. Français: Switching Español: Switching
The act of reconfiguring the transmission/distribution system, either manually or automatically, to facilitate outage restoration efforts and system improvements. Switching is usually performed by opening and/or closing disconnect switches and circuit breakers.
The act of engaging in excessive trading within a packaged product to generate commission whilst disregarding the best interests of customers. Prohibited for all private customers, whether discretionary or advisory.
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Happens in attacks and sprints when a riders "cuts" you up, dives at your front wheel if you like.
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Movement of freight cars between two nearby locations or trains.
The process of putting cars in a specific order (as in a classification yard), placing cars for loading or retrieving empties (industrial switching), or the process of adding or removing cars from a train at an intermediate point. OR The movement of cars from one point to another within the limits of an individual plant, industrial area, or a rail yard. Intermediate switching: Service performed by a carrier who neither originates nor terminates the shipment. Inter-plant switching: Movement of a car from o
The life of a fluorescent lamp is affected by the number of times the lamp is started. Frequent switching results in shorter lamp life, while continuous operation will provide the longest lamp life. Most fluorescent lamps have a life ratings based on 3 hours per start.
Establishing of transmission path from a particular inlet to a particular outlet of a group of such inlets and outlets.
Refers to a customer receiving retail electric service/supplies from a company or organization other the customer's traditional utility.
The process by which a consumer changes electricity retailer.
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Any method (e.g., mechanical, electronic) used to turn the flow of energy on and off in a system (e.g., light switch, keyboard).
Turning on and off voltage / current to a motor's winding.
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Systematic Withdrawal Plans
A reversal of defensive guarding assignments.
The process of opening and closing switches to isolate an area from the flow of electricity.
'This article addresses switching in computer networks. For electrical switching in general, see switch. For telephone switching, see telephone exchange.
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Roll-over futures positions.
a. & n. from Switch, v.