Definitions for "Switcher"
An engine primarily used to move and position cars on different tracks, such as in a yard.
A switching locomotive, used for shifting or switching cars in yards and terminals.
A locomotive designed typically for yard service, which calls for good visibility from the cab and pulling power rather than speed.
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Used for live editing, this device allows a technical director to switch between a number of sources of video and audio in a live or live-to-tape program environment.
(1) Engineer (Technical Director) who is switching from camera to camera. (2) Panel with rows of buttons that allows switching from one camera or sound source to another.
A video switcher to which the cables from the cameras are connected and which contains the switching electronics. This allows the user to switch between the pictures given by the different cameras, either manually or automatically after a preset time. Many switchers also have the facility that, if an alarm is activated, the switcher will switch to the camera covering the area where the alarm has been activated.
A mechanism consisting of rotating arms which is fitted to a washback to reduce excessive frothing during fermentation. glossary T
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(obsolete) lease operator or pumper.
a person who administers punishment by wielding a switch or whip
A signal selector that can be connected to a projector for the purpose of adding more sources.
a former PC user who has made the conversion to Apple and the Mac platform
a big expensive piece of hardware used in studio environments that require live cuts for broadcast)
Electronic device used to connect and switch between multiple inputs and one output. See our full line of Switchers.