Definitions for "Swill"
To drink in great draughts; to swallow greedily.
To inebriate; to fill with drink.
To drink greedily or swinishly; to drink to excess.
Keywords:  hogwash, wash, swine, drench, mixture
To wash; to drench.
The wash, or mixture of liquid substances, given to swine; hogwash; -- called also swillings.
Food scraps of placental mammal origin that have not been obtained from approved slaughter facilities or treated by an approved process.
Keywords:  skimmed, pigs, sour, kitchen, wet
wet feed (especially for pigs) consisting of mostly kitchen waste mixed with water or skimmed or sour milk
Keywords:  charcoal, oak, bark, basket, woven
a basket made of woven oak bark, used for carrying charcoal
Keywords:  throw, bad, particular, one
A bad throw -- usually to no one in particular.